Our chef will continue to serve you until your appetiteis satisfied at dinner time.
When you are finished , please let us know.

  • We have 30 types of seasonal Kushiage skewers, and the menu changes monthly.

    The estimated cost of 10 Kushiage skewers is about 4,500 yen.

    The estimated cost of 20 Kushiage skewers is about 7,500 yen.

    The estimated cost of 30 Kushiage skewers is about 11,500 yen.

Please let us know when you need additional orders for Kushiage skewers.

  • Speed and Timing

    Timing is a crucial part of eating Kushiage. If time the arrival of Kushiage skewers is early or late, Please let us know about it, Our chefs will deep fry the skewers to match your speed of eating.

  • About the bamboo stick

    After consuming each skewer, Please put the bamboo stick in the cup provided.

  • Please let us know when you need additional orders for Kushiage skewers. Also, feel free to ask us if you have any inquiry.

  • Free refills on organic vegetable sticks.

    It is best to try the organic vegetable sticks(cabbage, cucumber, Japanese radish and so on) with homemade dark brown miso. Also, The vegetable sticks goes well with homemade sauce or only with salt. Please let us know when you need additional vegetable sticks.

We have organic vegetable sticks, desserts and small bowls.

  • Organic vegetable sticks

    Organic vegetable sticks

  • Cabbage


  • Kushiage ice cream

    Kushiage ice cream

  • Seasonal sorbet

    Seasonal sorbet

  • small bowl

    small bowl

Our homemade sauces
We have five types of homemade sauce and Ponzu

  • Tartar sauce

    Tartar sauce

  • Kushiage sauce

    Kushiage sauce

  • Ponzu(juice pressed from a bitter orange.)


  • Japone sauce

    Japone sauce

  • Dengakumiso (skewed and roasted foodstuff with miso coating).