Our special "Kushiage"

Kushiage is essentially deep fried food on a stick or more specifically, battered meat, fishes and vegetables.Our cuisine is based on the use of fresh and pure seasonal ingredients, therefore, the menu changes monthly.

Delicious dishes in a comfortable atmosphere.

Kushiage, also known as kushikatsu is originated from a counter style eating stand in Shinsekai, Osaka City's downtown in western Japan. Kushiage and kushikatsu are basically the same dishes. However, in general, kushikatsu carry an image of common people's food. On the other hand, Kushiage regarded as a bit high class dishes with various dipping sauces for most Japanese.

The secret lies with its fresh local ingredients.

Our dishes are lovingly prepared with fresh local ingredients, mostly grown in the northern Kyushu area. We buy fresh vegetables every day at a market in Naka, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka. In addition, We buy cabbages, cucumbers, radishes, carrots with reduced agricultural chemicals directly from local farmers.

Serving up satisfaction with a commitment to taste.

In order to provide an always sanitary food, we prepare our dishes from the early morning. Our dishes are handmade, not only "Kushiage" but also white sauces, vinegars and pickled vegetables and so on, paying careful attention to the ingredients and cooking methods.

Our special recipe

Kushiage restaurants typically dipped the sticks of meat, seafood and vegetables into only a white sauce of egg, milk and flour. However, our chefs further add sake, Edam cheese and meringue in a mixing bowl. It is one of our secrets to make crispy and delicious Kushiage.

Panko bread crumbs

Panko bread crumbs (or panko crumbs, where ‘panko’ means ‘bread powder’) are one ingredient that all cooks of present-day Japanese cuisine cannot be without. We bake bread without salt, and only use the inside part of breads for panko bread crumbs. It has its own distinct silky softness that makes it different from ordinary Kushiage.

Our delicious Kushiage prepared to satisfy the hearts and palates of every guest.

  • Tradition

  • Hospitality

  • Sophistication

  • All harmorize beautifully